Canossa caters to all-round development of the students with the aim of developing a sound mind in a healthy body.

Coaching sessions in sports and physical training classes are conducted regularly. Every week, students are taught various exercises, yoga, lezim and field events in PT classes.

Athletic practices are held every morning before school begins, for those students who wish to participate. Interhouse competitions like Throwball matches encourage a spirit of sportmanship and healthy competition.

Canossa organizes an Annual Sports Meet for the students, in which they participate in drills, athletics, fancy races, march past, tug-of-war, aerobics, gymnastics and various other field events.

Many of our students have taken part at the district level, national level, state level, Hockey, Football, Archery, Swimming, Taekwando, Marathon, Chess.

Several of our students have won accolades at state and national level.