[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]FACILITIES FOR STUDENTS

Canossa offers the best of facilities and support for our students. Along with safe and spacious classrooms, we have a large playground that is used for school events and sports and activities.

We have two well-equipped science laboratories and a computer lab with dedicated staff. Innovative teaching aids help our teachers reach out to students and make them understand the subject being taught in depth. The audio-visual room enriches the teaching-learning experience through powerpoint presentations and documentaries.

First aid is available at all times. There are washrooms for students  on every floor.Our students are also encouraged to make use of our excellent school library that stocks a variety of good books on all subjects.

Canossa also has a beautiful auditorium for school programmes, musicals and talks


Our students mean a lot to us and bringing about their all-round development is what gives us utmost joy and pride. We hope that these initiatives will contribute to their growth in the years to come as they evolve into women of substance.

Religion & Moral Science Classes

With a view to preserving our Catholic faith, classes in Religion are conducted and are obligatory for Catholic students to attend. Periodic Retreats and Christian talks are organised for their benefit. Non-Catholic students are taught Moral Science, a course about their fundamental duties to God, to their fellow-being and self. They also have periodic prayer services held in the School.

Appreciation Cards

Individual and class-wise appreciation cards are carefully designed and awarded to students who excel in character / discipline / academics / outreach / generosity. These are at various levels: Teacher(*), Supervisor(**), Vice-Principal(***) and Principal(*****). This is our effort towards encouragement, rather than using punitive methods, to bring out the best in our students.

Miss Marian D’costa provides counselling services for students. Each child is a human being experiencing the growth process in particular circumstances. A good counsellor seeks to help the child to not only cope but also enjoy the process. The counselling process includes home visits and talks with parents and guardians.Counselling

‘Life Skills for Children’ is a simple, systematic guide for educating young people in a series of skills that help them develop vision, confidence, motivation and trust. Our counsellors utilize a multi-dimensional approach:

  • Re-valuation Counselling: to build a rapport with and help the child work on the problem.
  • Behaviour Therapy: to reinforce behaviour with appreciative gestures and words.
  • Play Therapy: to enhance the child’s ability to concentrate on a task without getting distracted.
  • Cognitive Therapy: to create insight in the child.
  • Relaxation Techniques: to teach children to manage anxiety.
  • Social Skills Training: to re-establish a relationship with the child through role-play.
  • Assertive Training: to build confidence and self-esteem within the child.
  • Educational Counselling: to promote the child’s emotional maturity, personality development, self-responsibility and ability to solve problems creatively.


Government-Recognized Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Exams are conducted for our students.

Scholarship Exams, Marathi Government Exams,


International Level Exams

  • Maths Olympiads,
  • Science Olympiads,
  • Homi Babha Science Exam